The Foster Care Closet

We give dignity to children entering into foster care by providing new clothing at the time of crisis.


Intake Center

The Intake CARE Center meets the immediate needs of youth entering the foster care system by providing clothing, personal care items, and a comfortable environment while placement is sought.


The Foster CARE Closet provides new or high quality clothing to foster youth throughout the duration of their time in the foster care system.

Hope Chest

Hope Chest is a collaborative between four nonprofit organizations to provide long-term necessities to young adults recently aged out of foster care.

Additional Support

The Foster CARE Closet strives to support all foster children and families through additional support, serving as a resource center for those in need.

What We Do and Why

Every day in the state of Nebraska, an abused, neglected, or abandoned youth is introduced to foster care.  Almost all of these youth will enter the foster care system with only the clothing they are wearing, and many times that clothing is not in an acceptable condition.  As we seek to manage the trauma of this difficult situation, we focus on meeting the immediate needs of clothing, personal care items, and a proper environment to wait while a foster home is sought.

Our services are child focused and provided in a welcoming, comforting, and relaxed setting.  The Intake CARE Center is a 24/7 emergency service filled with the soft comforts of a home-like atmosphere to help our scared and hurting children feel supported and valued.  We make sure that these youth are warmed in body and soul by feeding them a warm meal and providing much needed attention and love.

The Foster CARE Closet is an ongoing service dedicated to helping youth in the foster care system by meeting their clothing needs for the duration of foster placement.  Our store-like setting allows caregivers to confidently bring their children to an exciting and respectful shopping experience, providing new or quality used clothing at NO COST to the children.