Store Partners Make All the Difference

$1 Donation = $4 for the Foster Care Closet

On average, Leigh Esau, Executive Director of the Foster Care Closet, can turn a donated dollar into four bucks! It’s not magic, it’s just Leigh driving a hard bargain with some very generous and supportive local and national brands.

It is clear that there are many people that contribute to the Foster Care Closet’s operation. Volunteers, Board Members, Staff, generous donors and, of course, the foster families and Nebraska State Deptartment of Health Case Workers. However, some of our partners silently contribute in major ways each and every day. They are our store partners.

“Our store partners have begun to understand how they are impacting the community. Staff come and volunteer at the closet. They bring their retail expertise. They advocate on the Closet's behalf. They truly have become hand-in-hand partners with The Foster Care Closet as we reach out to kiddos every single day.”

- Leigh Esau, Exec. Dir.

Foster Care Closet Store Partners

Leigh works diligently to maintain strong relationships with many retail stores and manufacturers to provide quality clothing at the lowest possible prices. Because of this work, the Foster Care Closet can turn a single donated dollar into, on average, $4 dollars’ worth of clothing for kids in care! Companies like Wal-Mart, Rue21, Children’s Place and Old Navy, as well as manufacturers, such as Skechers, provide their brand-new, high-quality clothing for pennies on the dollar to support children in Foster Care. We love them!

So, although we welcome donations of new clothing, we can make the biggest impact using monetary donations to buy from our partners at prices lower than what the general public receives. Awesome, right?

How You Can Join Us…

Please consider supporting these businesses and thank them for supporting the Foster Care Closet.  If you want your dollar turned into $4, please consider partnering with us.  Just click on “Contribute” and sign up to give monthly.  Just $25/month will provide clothing for a child in Foster Care.